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Confessions of a Sysadmin

Abstract: Many of us in the technical community have heard the saying RTFM (Read The [Friendly] Manual) as advice given to someone learning Linux. In Confessions of a Sysadmin, Ell Marquez and Allie Barnes will share a practical approach to learning to navigate the command line along with some of the secrets she has learned along the way.

What can I expect to learn? As members of the tech community we have ALL experienced an awkward moment or two… or five. We’re here to get real and hit a few points that we’ve experienced in our careers, from mansplaining to being told that real admins only use arch we will confess the sins of the Linux world in hopes of inspiring the next generation. Along the way we will tell a few stories that we think you *just* might be able to relate to...

AWS Cloud Practitioner: Study Cram

Abstract: Getting started in tech can be a difficult process. We often feel we don't know enough to even know what we need to learn. Friends will recommend that we begin by seeking certifications to help us stand out in the job market, which is great, but what certification do you start with? The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination is intended for individuals who are seeking the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud. During our study cram you will learn about the fundamentals of the AWS Cloud, along with building an outline of what you will need to study in order to build your cloud skills, and grow your professional credibility. This study cram is great for anyone looking to work with the AWS cloud. If you are looking for a place to start your journey or perhaps came to this conference with a friend or family member and would love to learn what in the world they are talking about, we have a place for you here.

Creating a Stronger Community by Poisoning Your Own Well.

Abstract: The technology industry has been rapidly growing for some time and as the industry grew t/here has become a shift in our mind set as we could no longer fill all the roles that were needed. With this came a push to diversify, to bring in new blood and new ideas and in the process of doing so we began to develop a community. Recently the topic of conversation has turned to Imposter syndrome, a feeling of inadequacy that persist despite proof of the contrary, and the solution is being placed on the shoulders of the individual alone. However we are not addressing the whole issue, or even acknowledging that these feelings may be caused by a toxic part of our culture that leads us to break down those we claim to want to build up.

Mentorship 101

Abstract: Ever been a Daniel in need of a Mr. Myagi? Are you ready to achieve greatness but with no real clue where to start? Finding a mentor is the first step, but knowing how to make the most of the time spent with your mentor makes the real difference. Join in on a conversation about identifying your person of influence and building a plan together from wax on, wax off to being carried away by the cheering crowd.

What can I expect to learn? There has been a push in our community to be active mentors. What is not explained, however, is how to foster a healthy and prosperous relationship that benefits both the mentor and the mentee. Together we will explore the different types of mentoring relationships, as well as setting goals, tracking progress, and getting the most out of these relationships. We will explore the types of mentoring relationships that exist. We will also learn how to set goals, track progress towards those goals and how to get the most out of a mentorship.

The 5ws of CTF

Abstract: Have you attended security conferences in the past and wondered why someone would spend hours huddled around their computers playing CTFs instead of enjoying the conference? Have you considered playing but not sure your skills are up to par or that you would even know how to play? In the 5 Ws of CTF's we will break things down the way we did in grade school by answering the who, what, when, where and why of CTFs. We may even delve into the sixth and maybe most important "w" how.

Goal Setting 101

Abstract: (20 min talk) In this short and to the point talk we will work on how to set make our goals and dreams in to real practical SMART goals. Through the use of smart goals can gain the foundation we need to approach mentors, mangers or even face impostor syndrome head on.

Containers: What you need to know, so you know what you need to know.

Abstract: Containers are all the rage right now, but if you want to start learning container technology where do you even begin? Starting out it can be difficult to know what questions to ask or even what you should be studying. It may be even more difficult to understand the answers you are getting. Join me while we take our first steps into understanding the concepts and products behind current container offerings. What you need to know, to know what you need to know.

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